Our brief

Many people struggle with sleep deprivation, and the stress of modern lifestyles further exacerbates the issue. Sleep Cycle, with its mission to empower better sleep and improve global health, sought to expand its Sleep Aid content to offer holistic solutions. The challenge was to integrate effective and scientifically informed musical compositions that could aid relaxation and enhance sleep quality.

The science

Aggregated sleep hygiene and sleep science principles and CBT for the 3 coaching sessions.

Noise masking effect, supportive coloured noise, rhythmic entrainment, no lyrics, instrumental, no drums for the 3 soundscapes.

The project and its impact

The collaboration resulted in the creation of a new Sleep Aid category, featuring sleep coaching programs consisting of guides, and beautifully composed functional sleep music soundscapes. The content of the program is based on the neuroscience and psychology of music, developed to help users to sleep better and adopt effective sleep routines advised in the program.

The combination of Sleep Cycle’s comprehensive tools, non-invasive tracking, statistics, and a gentle wake-up program with Tom’s empathetic audio tools aimed at anxiety reduction and resilience building has made this collaboration a winning combination for users seeking holistic sleep solutions.

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