Our Services

Fostering growth and wellbeing through innovation.

The basic idea of ontological design is that everything we design in this world, in turn designs us back.

Strategy Consultancy

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to improve the human experience, underpinned by the belief that technology can be a powerful force for good.
Wellness Innovation Strategy

In the fast-evolving wellness industry, understanding where to invest and what unique selling points to develop can be complex. Our approach combines a solid grasp of science, technology, and industry trends to help you create a clear strategy and innovation roadmap.

Product and Service Design

Our unique approach draws from sensory sciences, translating their insights into tangible, evidence-based solutions. By infusing these insights into our process, we maximize effectiveness and impact of the products, services, and experiences we design..

Customer Research & Insights

We delve deep into the behaviours, preferences, and needs of your target audience, employing robust research methods to gather actionable insights. Translating customer data into strategic intelligence, we enable you to make informed decisions that help your brand better resonate with its customers.


Production & Development

Whether we’re creating immersive experiences, soundscapes to help with productivity, or designing a sonic brand identity, we use science to infuse intention, meaning, and purpose into everything we do.
Sensory Design

Sensory design extends its reach beyond visual aesthetics to encompass touch, sound, smell, taste, and the innate wisdom of the body. Leveraging the latest insights from neuroscience, we assist you in the intentional design of physical spaces and digital platforms, ensuring that the sensory experience has a deliberate and positive impact on users.

Functional Soundscapes

Soundscapes have the power to power to transport us to different places, evoke emotions, and connect us to the natural world. We know that music helps reduce stress and anxiety by altering your brain's alpha waves, making you feel calmer. But the benefits of soundscapes go beyond just relaxation.

Functional music can help you sleep better, boost your sports performance, and even reduce pain.

Sonic Branding

Similar to a brand's visual aspects like the logo, style, font, animations, products, and packaging, Sonic branding is the process of creating a distinctive auditory identity. This toolkit enriches the brand experience, fostering a deeper emotional connection with customers through the power of memorable and distinctive auditory cues.

Experiential Installations

We specialise in designing experiential installations that go beyond mere engagement—our creations are crafted to enhance the wellbeing of participants, offering immersive experiences that positively influence both mind and body.In our installations, art becomes a Trojan horse for wellbeing, subtly delivering health and happiness benefits within aesthetically captivating experiences.

Science Lab

Research Lab

At our Research Lab, we track and interpret the subtle cues of human behaviour. We map brain activity, heart rate, emotional arousal and breathing patterns. Whether building in-vehicle tech, digital therapies or adaptive interiors, we always encourage our clients to validate their efforts in our Research Lab.
Validation Strategy

Ensure your product's market readiness with a streamlined Validation Strategy. We offer a concise plan to test and refine your innovations, providing clarity on performance and brand claims, saving you time and investment down the line.

Literature Review

Cut through information overload with targeted Literature Reviews. Our team of scientists can condense extensive research into essential insights to inform your strategies and give you a competitive edge.

Pilot Study

A pilot study is like a trial run; a small-scale research piece before conducting a comprehensive study. 

These quick investigations help you figure out if your study idea is doable, how much it might cost, and what you might discover, all without blowing your entire budget.

When it comes to consumer research, giving your problem a test drive with a pilot study can set you on a solid path and make it way easier to come up with a smart, data-backed solution.

Science Communication

Science can be dry and complicated. Our Science Communication service distills complex concepts into clear, impactful messages, fostering understanding and engagement with your research insights across any audience.