Sound Strategy, Sound Branding, Content Creation
Supporting the launch of a sleep aid drink

Our brief

The global sleep aid market is anticipated to grow, with brands bringing various new products for underslept consumers. PepsiCo wanted to launch a new line of functional drinks

  • Driftwell -a sleep aid meant to help consumers relax and unwind before bed. The enhanced water drink contains 200 miligrams of L-theanine and 10% of the daily value of magnesium.
  • Soulboost - a new line of sparkling waters that are intended to support mental focus and relaxation

We were asked to create functional sound branding which has greater engagement and effect than typical sound branding solution. Deliverables included an audio logo, brand theme and variations for their Soulboost's Lift (uplifting and energising drink) and Ease (relaxing).

The science

Music is subjective, however one can leverage the universal principles of music psychology and cognitive neuroscience to support the creative and artistic decision making process. The result is measurably deeper emotional engagement, instant empathy and mood setting for better brand story telling. For Lift we increase energy and excitement with faster tempo and specific instrumentation. For Ease we lower heart and breathing rate to activate the parasympathetic rest response.

The project and its impact

Working closely with the brand team to unpack the sound DNA and create an effective sonic identity. Defining the genre, tempo and an appropriate palette of instruments evocative of brand feeling and values.

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