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Challenger Wellness Brand

A new wave of functional fragrances is setting their sights (and scents) on boosting your mood. Scent is a very powerful tool both in its impact on human psychology and on unconscious neural processes.

ØTHERS is a challenger brand in the wellness space - It’s a community-driven hybrid wellness platform, providing thought-provoking content and bespoke self-improvement tools, to help its consumers better connect with themselves and build emotional resilience. Their first series is a dual sensory product - functional fragrance paired with soundscapes.


OTHERS wanted to test the effect on their dual sensory intervention, all the while understanding what’s happening under the hood to better design their content.

Leveraging cutting edge olfactive technology, we’re able to create fragrances with different mood properties by activating our emotional and processing areas in the brain. These positive effects link into the brain’s reward systems to ensure we make the right decisions for our well-being and pleasure in daily life. 


Scent 1 increases arousal and focus (compared to baseline):
(i) Increase in EEG frontal beta activity
(ii) Increase in level of arousal

(iii) increase in inhalation compared to exhalation

(iv) Decrease in HR variability / Increase in HR overall

Scent 2 increases relaxation (compared to baseline):

(i) Increase in EEG frontal alpha activity

(ii) Reduced level of arousal

(iii) Increase in breath coherence

(iv) Increased HR variability Decrease in HR overall


Relaxing Scent

Claim: The RS scent and Soundtrack combination invigorates mind and body increasing attention and focus

  • On a mental level, brain data shows that subjects are invigorated and more ready for action - specifically related to attention and focus.
  • On a physical level, there is an increase in arousal, heart and breathing biomarkers indicating heightened sensory alertness and readiness to respond.

Uplifting Scent

Claim: The MZ scent and Sound combination relaxes the mind and body, reducing anxiety and stress whilst still maintaining focus.

  • On a mental level, brain data shows that subjects are in a dual state - whilst keeping a good state of focus and sharpness, they manage to be mentally relaxed.
  • On a physical level, subjects experience a decrease in arousal indicating the body is physically relaxed. Additionally, heart and breathing biomarkers have shown a significant decrease (and increase in HRV) which further confirm our bodily relaxation premise.


  • 81% of participants found that the DOWN Scent relaxed them
  • 90% of participants declared that they experienced a mood change when music was played alongside the scent.