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Designing a holistic sonic brand identity

Our brief

Hotels are not inherently exciting places. They’re the space for sleeping when you’re on the way somewhere else. And they often have a certain predictable “sameness”.


Yotel hotels sound different from other hotel brands. They are instantly identifiable to returning guests. And Yotel customers love being made to feel comfortable and at home. That they’re somewhere special, but it’s somewhere they belong. 


Yotel brought us in to deliver a comprehensive sonic consultancy. As their in-house Sound Architects, we were tasked to score the whole guest journey. Our goal – to modulate mood and energy levels, and to improve sleep for guests. 


We were also to add soundscapes to otherwise passive, anonymous spaces. Areas like halls, stairwells and public facilities are often last on the list, but they have some of the highest footfall in the building.

The science

Sounds and music become wired in our brains. They connect with the parts of us where emotions and memories happen. Sound branding helps make experiences and places more memorable by enhancing emotional engagement. 


When sound branding is the same across all a brand’s touchpoints, we develop strong mental associations with that brand. By embedding site-specific cultural references and functional sound principles into the brand soundscapes, it’s possible to affect the mood and brain function of customers. In a hotel, this goes beyond the nostalgic tinkle of the cocktail piano in the foyer. Functional music and curated soundtracks can be used to connect with guests on a human level. This significantly improves satisfaction, engagement and guest wellbeing. And it encourages guests to spend more time, and money, in the hotel.

The project and its impact

Our curated soundtracks significantly increased guest engagement. This “feel good” factor meant people stayed for longer in social spaces. The positive guest experiences, reviews, and many repeat visits were reflected by increased food and beverage sales and more revenue. Co-working spaces became more popular as the soundscapes boosted alertness and productivity for their users.

Thousands of reviews on Tripadvisor specifically mention the playlists we created. They’re a key memorable talking point. Sometimes on what’s already the trip of a lifetime.

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