Thermengruppe Wund - Forest Bathing: Lupuna

Strategy Consultancy
In the world of wellness, a paradigm shift is underway – one that bridges the gap between the arts, sciences, and wellbeing.

Our Brief

It all started with a key question: can immersive art be therapeutic?

Thermengruppe Josef Wund's has an ongoing commitment to address the evolving consumers' needs. As customers become increasingly tech-savvy and health-conscious, their expectations are shifting, demanding a more holistic approach to wellbeing that incorporates advanced technology and immersive experiences.

To deepen this journey, Thermengruppe Josef Wund brought us onboard to deliver a visionary immersive experience that bridges the gap between science, wellbeing and arts.

The Science

To deepen this journey, we partnered with the International Arts + Mind Lab (IAMLAB) at Johns Hopkins University, a pioneering institution in the field of neuroaesthetics. By interviewing international labs and experts, IAMLAB will be conducting research into how sensory interventions influence wellbeing, enriching our understanding of the intricate links between our sensory experiences and mental and emotional health. This collaborative effort will provide critical insights to guide the creation of intentional, wellness-enhancing spaces.

The Project and its Impact

This multisensory experience, created by the legendary art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) in collaboration with architectural and experience designers TheLoveTriangle, invites audiences to step through a waterfall and embark on an immersive journey into the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest.

By aligning the intuition of artists with cutting-edge research, the initiative aims to design intentional spaces that aim to significantly improve our mental and physical wellbeing. This journey transcends simple digitisation, enabling Thermengruppe Josef Wund to rethink value propositions and interplay elements to uncover impactful forms of immersivity and sensorial spaces.

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