Jaguar Land Rover

Sensory Research

Our brief

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) represents the pinnacle of luxury in the automotive industry. With a vision of combining advanced technology with timeless elegance, JLR has constantly been at the forefront of innovation. Our collaboration with JLR was aimed at introducing a revolutionary new feature in the New Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE - the Body and Soul Seat (BASS) system.

Developed in conjunction with SUBPAC, a leader in tactile audio technology, our goal was to bring a novel dimension of sound to drivers, combining functional music and vibroacoustics to enhance the overall driving experience and wellbeing of the vehicle's occupants.

The science

The incorporation of functional music and vibroacoustics is based on scientific principles that are designed to interact with the body and mind with an intentional regulation of energy and mood. 

  • Vibroacoustic Therapy:

This method uses sound vibrations to relax the mind and body. 40 Hz vibroacoustics has been shown to synchronise neural activity, foster enhanced cognitive clarity and a profound state of relaxation and mindfulness - thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Functional Music Design:

This involves the creation of music that serves a specific purpose, in this case, to modulate mood and energy levels. The meticulously designed musical landscape focuses the user’s attention, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

The project and its impact

Incorporating SUBPAC’s AI optimising software, along with state-of-the-art transducers and membranes, the BASS system delivers audio vibrations directly to the vehicle’s occupants, working harmoniously with the existing 29-speaker system to redefine in-car audio experiences and set a new standard in immersive audio.

Beyond the realm of immersive audio, our invention has profound implications for mental and physiological well-being. A study conducted in partnership with Coventry University, UK, and JLR highlighted the potential of the BASS system in stress reduction and relaxation by improving heart rate variability (HRV). This well-executed synergy of music and vibroacoustics is not merely a luxury but a holistic approach to wellness, aimed at enhancing the mental and physiological state of the driver and passengers.

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