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World-first spatial sound immersion for wellbeing

Our brief

Platoon, the distribution and creative service provider for Apple Music, wanted to highlight the wellness applications of spatial sound. They commissioned us to produce an album that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

The science

At its heart, this project was about using music to modulate the nervous system. Spatial sound has an immediacy that allows the listener to be present. It focuses the listener’s awareness. And it engenders a sense of familiarity, comfort and safety that reduces anxiety and promotes sleep. For this project, we teamed up with Paul Oomen at the Spatial Sound Institute. Paul is a leading global authority on spatial audio.

The project and its impact

We produced a 15-track album that’s already notched up millions of streams. It is the world’s first spatial audio experience designed to lower heart rate and blood pressure and reduce anxiety around sleep loss, and it’s helping people sleep better every night. 

To further augment the listening experience, we partnered with Sensate. Sensate is a wearable device that emits infrasonic vibrations to tone the vagus nerve. This pairing created a full-body spatial audio immersion designed to enhance overall wellbeing.

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